Never settle when it comes to your health

Msc Nutritional Therapy. PGCE BA (hons) BANT and CHNC registered

200 hr Yoga Alliance qualified Yoga Teacher

Are you looking to optimise your health and wellbeing? Are you confused about what you should be eating to achieve this?

Do you have a chronic health condition which is currently poorly managed and leaves you feeling unable to enjoy life?

Do you leave your Doctors’ appointments feeling unheard, and no further forward?

Are you sick and tired…….of feeling sick and tired?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions….then you’re in the right place.

My mission

I’m here to empower my clients to get the most out of their nutritional choices, so that they can feel the best version of themselves. Using the Functional Medicine Model (FM), I develop individualised nutritional protocols using evidenced based research to support your Health & Wellbeing.

I believe you should never settle when it comes to your health!

The human body is an amazing structure, performing 100’s of task every day to keep us well. But sometimes changes in the optimal functioning of key organs, our biochemistry and fluctuations in our hormone levels, can result in us feeling unwell, out of sorts and constantly tired. Overtime this can lead to the development of long term chronic conditions.

Getting to the root cause

Using FM, I am trained to uncover these subtle changes. I begin by taking a thorough case history and plotting a timeline. I look for when and what might have been the trigger, searching for clues. I then look at both yours and your relatives health patterns. Sometimes it is necessary to undertake specialised testing which will enable us to better pinpoint any potential imbalances and impaired function.

We then look at your current lifestyle and eating habits and together, we then devise a nutritional and lifestyle plan to return your body to better function, and begin to move you towards better health, energy and vitality.

Diet can have a profound effect on your health, mood and energy.

Living busy hectic lives, juggling a career, with the additional responsibilities of running a home, caring for children and or elderly relatives, can often mean we don’t prioritise our own health and wellbeing. We can start feeling less on top of things, without really understanding why.

Individualised evidenced based Nutrition

My goal is to help you understand the EVIDENCE and how this relates SPECIFICALLY to you. Then after a thorough review of your current lifestyle and nutritional habits, we will devise a Personalised Nutritional Therapy protocol combining my clinical knowledge and evidenced based research, to support your health and wellbeing.

My central philosophy, is there is no such thing as one single “healthy” diet.

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