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My name is Katherine Brookhouse. I am married with 3 grown up daughters and I live at the seaside, in the sleepy village of Dunwich, Suffolk.

I’m a Yoga teacher, with a specialist interest in Yoga for Menopause, (https://www.menopause-yoga.com/about). I am also a Nutritional Therapist, sea swimmer and lover of nature.

From a very young age my passion was sport and exercise. I was also super competitive and played regional, county and University Netball.

Unfortunately this lead to a number of injuries and 25 years ago I ended up having to have spinal fusion. My rehab involved a lot of swimming and pilates and I actually thought Yoga would never be for me!

How wrong I was! For the last 10 years having a regular Yoga practice has been central to my life and my ability to cope with some very challenging family health issues, my own included. Yoga was, and continues to be part of my therapy, both mentally and physically, and has been an integral part of my return to health.

My spinal fusion in some ways is now actually an asset to my teaching, as there are some poses that will never be for me, some that have to be adapted and some that I’m slowly finding more accessible.

Accessibility is therefore a core concept and is key to the way that I teach. You wont find me in front of you, in what look like impossible poses, instead you’ll find me, on my mat, helping you to find what’s accessible to you. I will still challenge you, but in a supportive and mindful way. Yoga for all, Yoga for all bodies.

Another key aspect of my teaching is embracing the idea that Yoga is not just a physical workout but also one for your mind and soul. During my classes I will hopefully allow you to find a sense of peace and stillness, to leave behind “life” and “to do lists’ and to leave feeling centred, calm, and empowered. The following quote embodies this as a concept:

I particularly enjoy teaching Beginners Yoga because I want as many people as possible to experience this weekly MOT for your mind body and soul. Heres a testimonial from one of my newbies:

Walking  into Katherine’s beginners yoga class is like coming home , a good place to be. I can’t recommend highly enough the beginners class . I thought I might feel out of my depth but I have felt welcomed, safe and gathered strength and calm for the week a head .”

If you want to know a little more about my approach to teaching, please read my blog.

A little bit about my style of yoga!

And here’s a little about how I was trained and my approach to vinyasa yoga. Just click below.

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